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Lotus’ emphasis on speed has been with the company from its early days when it would encourage its customers to race their cars professionally. From Formula One racing success to its influence on Indy Cars, Lotus has received credit for many firsts including active suspensions and aerodynamic advances such as wings and smoothly-shaped under surfaces.

The line-up, which includes three model choices and numerous variants, offers a unique exterior, luxurious interior and race car-like handling. The Elise is a city car that just happens to be a sporty supercar. Keeping emissions below 150g/km, this lightweight convertible sports car uses a 1.8 litre engine to deliver a racy performance. The exterior makes a huge statement with its angled, eye-like headlamps, the body-hugging rear wing, and Y-type lightweight wheels. The S Club Racer takes the look and performance even further and faster.

Just as fast and beautiful, the Lotus Exige line offers a coupe with a 345-horsepower heart. This supercharged V6 is the perfect match for this sleek sports car with its unique, aerodynamic raised rear spoiler. The Roadster, the Exige convertible, adds the exhilaration of an open air ride. The Evora line offers its own glamour with a more rounded roof and aggressive rear diffuser. The supercharged Evora racer can go from 0 to 100 km in 4.6 seconds. Lotus vehicles offer a three-year warranty with three years of servicing, which should keep ownership costs in check.

If you have a need for speed, but don’t want to waste time chasing deals, let us find the deals for you. As independent vehicle supply specialist, we focus on your needs whilst reducing your costs with our buying power. Our expertise saves you time and effort when it comes to finding suitable lease deals and finance options, so get in touch today and find out about our latest Lotus leasing deals. Contact us here or call 01903 538835.

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Whereas its stablemate, the Elise, is still struggling with downmarket materials, the Lotus Evora is targeting a much more sophisticated clientele with its swish interior and tidy, beautifully proportioned 2+2 layout. Unlike other models in the Lotus range, this car wants image and quality to have an equal footing alongside performance and handling. Let’s take…

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Review of the Model

Is the 2014 Lotus Elise Perfect For “Pulling”?

22nd January 2014

2014 Lotus Elise Review You’re at the single’s bar and get asked the question, “What do you drive?” If you answer a Lotus, you’re likely to get a positive response from your prospective mate. They don’t need to know that you own the semi-economical Lotus, the 2014 Lotus Elise. Performance Just because you don’t need…

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