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The Smart Car was first created in the late 1980s and finally released in the early 1990s. The original design is said to have been derived from the popular Swatch wristwatch and became the fashion in England, when it was introduced in 2000. Although it is considered a non-premium vehicle, the Smart is most closely associated with the luxurious Mercedes-Benz brand and is manufactured by the Daimler-Benz Corporation, which produced its first cars in 1926.

From its first adventures on London streets, the brand has always brought smiles to passers-by. The pod-like shape and rainbow of available colours has made it one of the most recognisable urban cars. The Smart ForTwo is, of course, a two-seater, and its small form makes it the ultimate parking machine. The ForTwo Coupe in particular is tiny and offers a great compromise between performance and economy.  The ForTwo Cabriolet on the other hand is great for drivers who love the fun of an open air drive. As a small car, a drop-back top is a logical way to escape the feeling of being boxed-in.

Urban and suburban drivers, who are tired of being at the mercy of the pump, have found a friend in the brand. You really can’t go wrong with a choice of three fuel-smart engines. Even with its most potent petrol engine, the ForTwo still earns 54 mpg combined. The regular petrol ForTwo earns 67.3 mpg, while the diesel ForTwo earns a remarkable 85.6 mpg. With fuel economy numbers like that, it’s like an ongoing refund on the initial cost of the vehicle and for this reason, many large car owners buy the Smart as their second car, and use it for their daily commute. Could a Smart Lease Car be right for you?

Let our automotive specialists can find you Smart lease deals with suitable finance options and once you’ve found your perfect match, we’ll handle the details and help you dodge the complicated leasing jargon to find the best price for your compact driving machine. Call 01903 538835 now or contact us here to secure yourself a Smart lease deal.

SMART Articles

Review of the Model

A Brief History Of The Smart Car: From The Swatchmobile To The Electric ForTwo

7th March 2017

The Smart Car. You either love it or loathe it, but you definitely have an opinion on it. The compact car has been dividing opinion for many years now, and whatever your opinion on the microcar, you can’t deny it’s been pretty successful. But, where did it all begin? In this article, we look at…

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Review of the Model

The New 2014 Smart ForTwo Cabriolet Review

3rd March 2014

Tiny droptop power: the 2014 Smart ForTwo Cabriolet Since Smart burst onto the motoring scene over a decade ago, the Smart Car became instantly iconic. If you want a car lease deal on something that’s going to get you around town with the minimum of hassle; something that you can get in and out of…

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Review of the Model

Nothing nips, tucks and parks like a 2014 Smart ForTwo Coupe

12th February 2014

The 2014 Smart ForTwo Coupe is more of a novelty than an actual mode of transportation. Any vehicle that is born from a joint venture between Swatch and Mercedes-Benz can’t be taken too seriously. The minuscule car has always been slow, noisy and rough riding – basically it doesn’t do anything an automobile is supposed…

Presented by Andrew Kirkley

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